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VIDEO: Alon's Reimaging Campaign Makes Final Stops

DALLAS -- As the summer wound down, Alon Brands Inc. also wound down its chainwide reimaging program, which marked the departure of the 51-year-old FINA brand and the arrival of the new ALON brand.

This conversion, dubbed by the company as "the year's largest convenience store reimaging program anywhere in the United States," kicked off early in the second quarter of the year. Alon set out to work with its distributor network and its own retail outlets to install and introduce the new ALON brand at nearly 900 locations across the Southwest.

As part of the reimaging campaign, ribbon-cutting celebrations were held throughout Alon's markets heralding the launch of the new brand and image. This video highlights the campaign's final stops in Las Cruces, New Mexico -- home of 21 Pic Quik convenience stores -- and El Paso, Texas -- home of 83 7-Eleven stores operated by the retail unit of Alon Brands.

Click on the above video to watch exclusive interviews with Pic Quik Stores President Oscar Andrade and Alon Brands President and CEO Kyle McKeen, plus much more.

Alon Brands Inc. is the retail and branded marketing arm of Dallas-based Alon USA Energy Inc. Alon Brands is the largest 7-Eleven licensee in the United States, operating more than 300 stores in central and west Texas and New Mexico. The company also markets and supplies ALON branded motor fuels to 900-plus independent and company-owned retail locations.

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