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Virgil's Zero Sugar Varieties

Grapefruit, Dr. Better and Ginger Ale are crafted with premium, natural ingredients.
Virgil's New Zero Sugar Flavors

Virgil's, a line of craft sodas from Reed's Inc., introduces three new zero sugar, ketogenic-certified varieties: Grapefruit, Dr. Better, and Ginger Ale. Crafted with premium, natural ingredients, these new flavors can be enjoyed straight from the can, over ice, or mixed for a low-calorie cocktail. Virgil's Zero Sugar Grapefruit Soda is crisp, tangy and citrus-filled. Virgil's Zero Sugar Dr. Better blends tart cherry, sweet vanilla, spicy cinnamon, and a kick of caffeine. Virgil's Zero Sugar Ginger Ale is filled with real, fresh ginger for a little extra bite.

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