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Vroom Delivery Pay360

The online payment solution is specifically tailored for the convenience store industry.
Vroom Delivery Pay360 dashboard
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Digital commerce platform Vroom Delivery, in partnership with Finix, introduces Pay360, the latest feature of Vroom's Commerce360 initiative. An online payment solution specifically tailored for the convenience store industry, Pay360 provides rates nearly 25% below typical online payment solutions, while allowing for the secure online sale of age-restricted items, according to the company. By leveraging Finix's vertically integrated payment solution combined with other third-party machine learning fraud prevention systems, Vroom is able to drive down the risk of offering age-restricted items online and consequently offer significantly below-market processing rates for them. Pay360 also includes a faster turnaround time for refunds, helping c-stores to more easily adjust orders due to out-of-stocks and improving the customer experience. 

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