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Xerox Set to Launch Benchmarking Study

The convenience store industry will soon be the focus of a major benchmarking study headed by Xerox Business Research Group (XBRG) and it's looking for retailers to participate.

The study, known as the Retail Benchmarking Survey 2001, will cover numerous topic areas, including location development, sales, advertising and promotion, operations, scanning practices, warehousing and distribution, inventory tracking, human resource practices, customer satisfaction issues and replenishment methods.

Participants of the study, representing the largest and most productive organizations in the industry, will also be its beneficiary. Each will receive the resulting industry report as incentive for their input. Data will be compiled about the major industry participants and reported using a comprehensive set of summary statistics and graphical summaries that will support direct participant comparisons. Reporting of the data will protect the anonymity of the participant organizations.

XBRG, an organization that has conducted numerous benchmarking studies for Fortune 500 companies, is administering the study in conjunction with MJS Associates, a California-based consulting firm specializing in benchmarking.

For information about the study, please contact John Mueckler, senior project director with the Xerox Business Research Group at (310) 333-2716.
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