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ZUN Energy-Plus Drink Continues Rollout to Midwest Stores

BOULDER, Colo. -- ZUN energy drink continues its national rollout adding stores in 11 Midwest states.

Packaged in the world's first patent-protected retro-style rocket bottle, ZUN has quickly grown sales in the energy category at c-stores and other retailers, the company noted in a statement.

"ZUN has seen unprecedented market acceptance in its home region with incredible velocity, outselling local and national brands," said Richard Ginther, category manager at Kum & Go. "Kum & Go prides ourselves on finding innovative, exciting brands for our consumers, so we are very pleased with ZUN's results."

Cheryl Witt, a Denver-based 7-Eleven owner, recently confirmed to Beverage Business Insights that ZUN is steadily outselling key energy SKUs. "It's doing really well and reaching everybody -- kids, high school, college, adults -- with strong, steady sales since we brought it in last fall. I'm surprised at the wide range of demographics and very pleased. I am glad to have something new and different."

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