Bar's Leaks Chemical Repair Solutions

A new full body sleeve over the bottles provides expanded space for product information.
Bar's Leaks Dual Action Formulas Get New Grab-and-Go Packaging

Bar's Leaks chemical repair solutions for automotive needs now sport new packaging that makes it easier for customers to quickly grab what they need and get out the door. A full body sleeve over the bottles provides a more modern look and expanded space for product information, such as a useful selector chart that shows the common problems that product repairs. Icons have been incorporated on the front of the bottles, and the colors have been updated to improve visibility on the shelf and provide more separation between products. Also as part of the packaging upgrade, the foot of the dual cavity bottles has been redesigned with sharper angles to allow them to better sit on the shelf without tipping over. The line includes Bar's Leaks Cooling System Repair, Engine Repair, Automatic Transmission Repair and Power Steering Repair solutions.