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Candy & Snacks

  • SuperAmerica Burned in Sting

    Minnesota store faces $10,000 fine and loss of tobacco license for one year.
  • Surviving the Deep Freeze

    Retailers, once lacking a viable freezer case setting, are deploying new strategies to bring customers into the cold
  • Pepsi Profits Up

    Gatorade sports beverage loses sales, new partnership with Blimpie announced.
  • Miller's Markets Launches Loyalty Program

    Patented real-time technology to serve as backbone of brand-building efforts.
  • Branching Out

    Forget Tom Cruise. Never mind the high-tech gadgetry. Scott Stevens and Andy Weber are on a mission, and it's not impossible. But unlike the movies, there is no script for this mission, and a couple of bad moves could spell the difference between a blockbuster hit and a box-office disaster.
  • Sara Lee Expands Meat Snacks Business

    The addition of Trail's Best brand strengthens company's position in thriving category.
  • Good Golly, It's Mollie's!

    Combine Americans' longstanding love affair with their cars with their increasingly time-constrained lifestyles, and it's easy to understand the proliferation of drive-through businesses. Drive-through banks and fast-food restaurants have been with us for years; more recent developments have included drive-through dry cleaning, drugstores and, yes, convenience stores.
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