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Catalina Enhanced Targeting Solution

Initial audience segments available include gluten-free, organic and more.
Catalina Enhanced Targeting Solution

Catalina released an enhanced targeting solution to help brands better understand, reach and influence consumers who make purchase decisions based on dietary needs. The new solution builds on Catalina’s capacity to reach more than 280 million U.S. shoppers based on their purchasing history, and integrates capabilities from Label Insight’s database and analytics on more than 80 percent of food, pet and personal care items sold in U.S. stores. Initial audience segments available include gluten-free, nut-free, heart healthy, organic and eco-friendly. Catalina can now deliver personalized messages and offers to a brand’s likely buyers based on this range of product attributes and knowledge of the shopper’s underlying purchase motivations. The company is using this enhanced capability to reach specific audience segments through in-store and online digital advertising and promotions.

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