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Eloma Multimax Combi-Steamer

Features new advanced technology and a storage memory of 99 recipes.
Multimax Combi-Steamer

The Multimax Combi-Steamer from Eloma provides personalized cooking programs, automatic heating and cooling functions, five cleaning programs, energy and water savings, and the Eloma Live Steam System, which monitors and controls precision steaming and has dynamic pause times, according to the company. The Multimax Combi-Steamer enables chefs to choose from seven different cooking modes between 86ºF and 572ºF, including combi-steaming, intensive steaming, vario steaming, convection cooking, low-temperature cooking, Delta-T cooking, and regeneration. Featuring new advanced technology and with a storage memory of 99 recipes, the Multimax is available in several sizes that allow for use of six to 20 full-size sheet pans.  Furthermore, the unit's Eloma Multi-Eco System uses up to 42 percent less water, and the Live Steam System reduces energy consumption up to 46 percent, the company noted.

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