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Gold Peak "Stay Gold" Campaign

A new visual identity highlights the golden hue of the tea and emphasizes its natural flavors.
Gold Peak Real Brewed Tea

This summer, The Coca-Cola Co. kicks off a new "Stay Gold" campaign for Gold Peak Real Brewed Tea. Supported by 30-second and 15-second television commercials, the campaign launch includes a new visual identity that highlights the golden hue of the liquid, while emphasizing its natural flavors with tea leaves and an organic color palette. A fully reimagined wordmark with subtle leaf-like serifs and a new messaging hierarchy reinforces Gold Peak's commitment to real brewed tea and healthier ingredients, like cane sugar. The tagline, "Stay Gold," is meant to act as a rallying call for all families to stay true to what makes their family "uniquely them," and a promise that Gold Peak will stay true to its real brewed roots, according to the company. 

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