Haribo Halloween Treats

The 2021 lineup consists of Scaremix, Sour Vampire Bats, and Ghostly Gummies.
Haribo Scaremix

Haribo's Halloween Treats for the 2021 season include a mix of limited-edition shapes and unique trick-or-treat packs featuring familiar favorites. The lineup consists of Scaremix, Sour Vampire Bats, and Ghostly Gummies. Scaremix is the brand's Starmix, but with the scary twist of festive Halloween shapes in flavors such as Watermelon, Blood Orange, Black Cherry, Blue Berry, and Blood Orange Cola. Sour Vampire Bats are tasty, bat-shaped gummies in sweet and sour flavors such as Sour Black Currant & Sweet Cherry, Sour Orange & Sweet Cherry, and Sour Green Apple & Sweet Cherry. Ghostly Gummies consist of bats, pumpkins, skulls and skeletons in fruity flavors.

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