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Hunt Brothers Pizza Cheeseburger Pizza

The limited-time offer is reminiscent of a classic fast-food cheeseburger.
Hunt Brothers Pizza Cheeseburger Pizza

Hunt Brothers Pizza is adding a Cheeseburger Pizza to its lineup. Starting Nov. 7, participating store partners have the opportunity to offer this new limited-time offer (LTO) while supplies last. Reminiscent of a classic fast-food cheeseburger, the product features Hunt Brothers Pizza's original crust topped with a creamy dill pickle-cheddar sauce, a blend of shredded cheddar and 100 percent natural part-skim mozzarella cheeses, hamburger crumbles, and fresh chopped white onions. The finishing touch is a sprinkling of Hunt Brothers Pizza’s signature Just Rite Spice. Store partners can offer the Cheeseburger Pizza LTO as a whole 12-inch pizza or Hunk A Pizza (one quarter of a 12-inch pizza). 

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