Hunt Brothers Pizza Steak & Cheddar Pizza

This specialty pizza is a limited-time offer hitting stores in late April.
Hunt Brothers Pizza's Steak & Cheddar Pizza

Hunt Brothers Pizza introduces its newest limited-time offer (LTO): Steak & Cheddar Pizza. It is made on Hunt Brothers' original crust, topped with a creamy cheese sauce, a blend of 100 percent mozzarella and natural yellow cheddar cheeses, and then layered with thinly sliced marinated steak. Topped with the company's signature Just Rite Spice, the Steak & Cheddar Pizza is sure to excite taste buds with every bite, according to the company. Starting in late April, customers can order this specialty pizza at participating Hunt Brothers Pizza locations, while supplies last. It will be available as a large 12-inch whole pizza or a Hunk A Pizza. To participate in this LTO, store partners just need to unwrap the pizza, sprinkle Just Rite Spice and bake. Quick and easy preparation is a benefit for busy store operators, the company added.