Jones Soda Cannabis Products

The company's new Mary Jones brand introduces infused sodas, gummies and syrups.
Jones Soda Co. Cannabis-Infused

Jones Soda Co. enters the cannabis-infused beverage and edibles business with the creation of a new division operating under the Mary Jones brand. The newly launched Mary Jones portfolio includes 16 SKUs of single- and multi-dose infused sodas, syrups and gummies. The products are offered in four of the most popular Jones Soda flavors: Root Beer, Berry Lemonade, Green Apple, and Orange Cream. A rotating selection of seasonal and limited-edition flavors are planned for future release. ​​​Initially launching in California, the Mary Jones portfolio fills a gap that exists in the cannabis market between micro-dose, health claim-driven brands and high-potency terpene flavor profile brands, according to the company. 

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