Manitou Super-Premium Cigarettes

The new offering from Premier Manufacturing contains no reconstituted sheet tobacco, stems or fillers.
Manitou Super-Premium Cigarettes

Premier Manufacturing, the consumer products division of U.S. Tobacco Cooperative Inc. (USTC), introduces the Manitou cigarette brand to the super-premium cigarettes category. Manitou cigarettes contain only water and tobacco, and 100 percent of the tobacco is flue-cured and grown in the southeastern United States by growers/owners of USTC. Manitou cigarettes contain no reconstituted sheet tobacco, stems or fillers. They are 100 percent free from chemical additives like artificial preservatives, humectants or synthetic flavors. Available in six king-size varieties, Manitou cigarettes come in several styles for the adult tobacco consumer: 

  • Manitou No. 5 – Bright, mellow taste;
  • Manitou No. 6 – Bright, full-bodied taste;
  • Manitou No. 7 – Smooth, mellow taste;
  • Manitou No. 8 – Smooth, rich, mellow taste;
  • Manitou No. 9 – Full-bodied mellow taste; and
  • Manitou No. 10 – Dark, rich, mellow taste.

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