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MasonWays Emergency Spill Cabinets help you to comply with Stormwater Regulations

MasonWays Emergency Spill Centers are designed for rapid response clean-ups. Store equipment for dangerous gas and oil remediation or Pump Island cleaning products in one outdoor location. Two models, each with a small footprint. Single door model 18" x 21" x 46" or double door unit 20” x 22” x 51”.

Locked cabinet stores safety equipment, clean-up tools, and absorbent materials. Keeps chemicals away from indoor storage areas or manager's office. Cabinet is resistant to chemicals and the environment.  Warehouse loose absorbent, dust pan, brush, disposable bags, etc. to be compliant to remove hazardous materials according to regulations. Convenient to also store cleaning products for pump islands maintenance. Be prepared to clean up oil and gas spills to quickly get Fuel Islands up and running fast. For more info please go to

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