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Petrosoft & IBM Strategic Partnership

Companies join to develop fourth-generation site integration network.
Petrosoft Selects IBM Informix Enterprise Edition

Petrosoft and IBM have entered into a strategic partnership to develop a fourth-generation site integration network for the retail and downstream petroleum industries. IBM’s Informix Enterprise Edition provides a database to leverage the capabilities of Petrosoft’s site integration network solutions. These solutions are built using industry standards and leverage today’s most advanced enterprise databases, network architectures, data exchanges, and data models, according to the companies. The new fourth-generation network responds to the growing use of retail IoT solutions, increased security concerns, and compliance requirements. It enables retailers to take advantage of the operational improvements provided by IoT solutions without being overwhelmed by the growing complexity of forecourt and in-store device tracking and compliance. The new solution is designed to help retailers gain faster and deeper insights into their operations while meeting growing consumer demands.  

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