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PreciTaste Automation Solutions

Prep Assistant, Planner Assistant and Station Assistant join the company's scalable foodservice solutions.
PreciTaste Foodservice Platforms chart

PreciTaste launched a line of off-the-shelf products to support foodservice crews: Prep Assistant, Planner Assistant, and Station Assistant. The new automation solutions are designed for convenience stores, mid-size quick-service and fast-casual restaurants, and grocery stores. The Prep Assistant uses information from each operation to predict demand and guide crews on how much to prep per day. The Planner Assistant uses quantity forecasts to produce an automated production schedule to ensure crews make the right quantity at the right time. As more data is collected, the Station Assistant, which uses demand prediction, inventory sensing and deep learning recommendations to provide further guidance to crews at each food station, can enable a complete Vision AI cooking system, according to the company. 

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