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PriceEasy revolutionizes Site Selection

PriceEasy is the only platform that offers a fully integrated platform for Site Selection, Fuel Pricing, In-Store Insights with reliable competitors’ prices and trillions of external data.

Other platforms provide location intel just based on Mobility Data, and a basic Fuel Pricing Platform to manage workflow without offering reliable competitor prices. 

PriceEasy provides reliable competitor prices and connects the dot with trillions of external data like Mobility, Consumer Shopping, Satellite Imagery, Video AI, Weather and offers an integrated platform for Site Selection, Pricing, In-Store Merchandizing and Promotions. 

PriceEasy gets deployed in a snap, without any IT support and connects with all POS systems. 

It removes the need to have multiple software. Over 100 companies, including super majors, have shifted to PriceEasy because of its superior data, technology and service. 

Key Features of PriceEasy Platform:

  • Get Reliable Competitor Prices 24/7
  • Update POS and price signs anytime anywhere.
  • Automate pricing workflow.
  • Understand customer shopping behavior in a trade area.
  • Improve site selection with estimates on the base potential volume and margin for all sites
  • Identify optimal products to promote by time of day.
  • Predict In-Store Sales with changing Fuel Prices. 
  • Understand who are your main competitors, and daily market share in a trade area
  • Understand the income demographics and shopping pattern of your customers
  • Real time insights on traffic conversion and consumer behavior using Video AI
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