QuikTrip Marks a Milestone in Its QT Kitchens Journey

All of the chain's Oklahoma stores now offer the made-to-order foodservice concept.
QT Kitchens

TULSA, Okla. — QuikTrip Corp. opened a new location in Tulsa that completes its journey to have a QT Kitchens at every convenience store in Oklahoma.

Located at the corner of 51st Street and Sheridan Road, the store features a full menu of made-to-order foodservice offerings, according to a News On 6 report.

The nearly chainwide rollout began back in 2014, when the retailer began installing QT Kitchens in Tucson, Ariz.-area stores, as Convenience Store News previously reported. The transition was part of QuikTrip's move to its next-gen store layout, which is larger and involved tearing down old stores and rebuilding in many locations.

Currently, QuikTrip only has two stores that do not have a kitchen.

"It's been an amazing journey thus far and it feels really, really great to finally come to an end in that journey," said QuikTrip spokesperson Aisha Jefferson-Smith. "In Tulsa specifically, this is an amazing, amazing accomplishment."

Recent foodservice initiatives for the chain include QT Mac & Cheese and coining the term snackle, a cross between perfectly satisfying snacks and meals.

Based in Tulsa, QuikTrip operates more than 850 stores across 11 states.