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Retail Consultancies King-Casey, Envirosell Form Joint Venture

WESTPORT, Conn. — King-Casey and Envirosell restaurant and retail brand consultancies are joining forces to create MenuBoard PRO, a process that uses proven research methodologies to re-engineer menu board strategies and designs to achieve tangible business results.

MenuBoard PRO offers research, consulting and design services to optimize the customer experience around menu board issues.

"The beauty of this data-driven solution is that it is based on methodologies that our firms have proven in the field over the years. In the case of our firm, it represents more than 30 years of helping [quick-service restaurant] and fast casual brands increase sales and profits by applying 'The Seven Absolutes of Menuboard Optimization,'" stated Tom Cook, principal, King-Casey.

"We have worked with Paco Underhill and his Envirosell team for many years on clients such as Subway, KFC, Taco Bell and the US Postal Service. We know that their Mobile Eye-Tracking and behavioral research are a perfect complement to us. I can safely say that nothing in the market comes close to MenuBoard PRO," he added.

King-Casey is a pioneer in retail consulting, branding and design, according to the company. Its proprietary Customer Operating Zone Improvement discipline enables clients to optimize menu boards, store environments and customer zone communications.

Envirosell is a leading research consultancy in the retail environment that integrates analysis of layout, merchandising and operations with shopper behavior and perceptions.

"Our firm has a single passion — to determine what makes customers tick by studying the way people shop in a store, whether bricks and mortar or online," said Paco Underhill, Envirosell principal. "Because that passion translates into business success, we have a 74-percent client retention rate. Partnering with King-Casey, our long-times associates, on this project is a logical step."

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