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The Roller Grill of Tomorrow

Simple, Sophisticated, Stunning – A Comprehensive Leap in Roller Grill Merchandising and Management by FoodSignPros – Coming Fall, 2022

In Fall, 2022, FoodSignPros will unveil three state-of-the-art developments that will fundamentally change roller grill merchandising and management. 

First, is a revolutionary new signage system that will solve the problems of traditional roller grill signage and deliver the premium experience and visuals of digital signage without its cost or complexity. 

Second, is a completely reimagined divider system, which will optimize customer lines of sight, organize product, and wirelessly illuminate grill signs. 

Third, is a breakthrough safety-and-cooking solution that allows you to block customer access to any amount of still-cooking food, anywhere on the grill, while continuing to sell product wherever else you want—all in a matter of seconds. 

All of this, and more, was designed from the start to be ridiculously easy to use by anyone at the store level. 

This is the Phronesis Signage System by FoodSignPros. Contact [email protected] to learn more.

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