Rush Non-Tobacco Oral Nicotine Pouches

The product is available in four flavors and two popular nicotine strengths.
RUSH Non-Tobacco Oral Nicotine Pouches

Rush non-tobacco oral nicotine pouches are loaded with impactful wintergreen, mint, citrus and cinnamon flavors, which are perfectly balanced with just the right levels of 3-milligram or 7-milligram non-tobacco nicotine to give adults just what they are looking for in a modern oral nicotine pouch product, according to the maker. The Rush brand is manufactured using only ingredients that are not made or derived from tobacco — the nicotine is from a non-tobacco source, none of the flavors have tobacco extracts, and the product uses absolutely no tobacco leaf, scrap or dust in the blend. Rush pouches are manufactured under license through Alternative Nicotine Technologies LLC. They are now available through Crown Distributing, Global Tobacco, and America Juice Co.  

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