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Schmidt’s Bahama Mama Spicy Split Sausage Sandwich

Breakfast offering joins the BIG AZ line.

AdvancePierre’s BIG AZ line just got bigger with the addition of Schmidt’s Bahama Mama Spicy Split Sausage Sandwich. The sandwich is served with egg and cheese on a homestyle, fresh-made buttermilk biscuit. Each hand-assembled sandwich is individually labeled and wrapped in crisp, white butcher paper for fresh-made appeal, the company said. The Spicy Split Sausage Sandwich joins the 2X Sausage & Cheese Biscuit and Biscuit Stacker as breakfast offerings in the BIG AZ line. Sandwiches have a 14-day refrigerated, nine-month frozen shelf life. They can be sold from a sandwich warmer or microwaved on demand from a cold case. The product is packed in eight-count cases.

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