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Sell More Food & Sell it Faster!


Want the last word on Food Appeal? Spirit Specialty Solutions makes food safe signage and merchandising products for your point of sale situations in all food categories.

Our products have redefined the customer experience to maximize customer spending and impulse purchases. These claims have been proven through research. From 10,000 chain stores to Mom and Pop shops, they serve and deliver.

With over 25 innovated and patented products, Spirit is your journey’s end to making convenience a destination.

Spirit understands the need for branding continuity in all stores. They make the process a cinch with their expert team ready to serve you. ROI is met in just days. To get your category cooking, go to or Call 484-472-7906.

High-Temperature Food-Safe Signs and Branded Food Programs

Spirit Specialty Solutions is your one stop shop for all of your custom Food service and Beverage Merchandising needs! From Roller Grills, to Warmer Cabinets, to Food Pans, to Coffee Systems, and more! Sell more, safer food products with our dishwasher and food safe high heat sign solutions.

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