SmartDome Social Distancing Messenger

Device detects shoppers in a monitored area and provides a social distancing reminder.
SmartDome Social Distancing Messenger

Indyme introduces SmartDome, a device that heightens real-time awareness of social distancing in retail stores. SmartDome looks like a dome security camera, but it operates much differently. Upon detecting people in the monitored area, it announces a message such as "For your safety, please maintain at least six feet of social distance." The device is battery-operated, allowing store staff to quickly self-install these compact devices; no technician or wiring is required. Versatile mounting options facilitate placement above areas where reminders are most needed, such as checkouts, service counters, entrances, and busy departments. Once pandemic fears subside, SmartDome can be repurposed with the flip of a switch to help reduce theft and increase customer engagement, thereby contributing to store operations long after social distancing is no longer necessary.

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