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Stinker Stores Launches Customer Feedback Pilot Program

The partnership with FeedbackNow by Forrester rolls out to four test stores.
Stinker Stores storefront

BOISE, Idaho — Stinker Stores has made several moves to enhance the shopping experience for its customers this year. In its latest initiative, the retailer wants to hear from customers.

In partnership with FeedbackNow by Forrester, Stinker Stores rolled out a customer feedback pilot program at four locations. The pilot includes a combination of FeedbackNow's Smiley Box devices, multiple choice buttons and QR codes in strategic locations throughout the convenience stores to capture feedback on food options, overall experience and restroom cleanliness. 

"We're excited to test new ways to hear the voice of our customers. We will collect data from various parts of our stores during the pilot and determine the best way to use this dynamic new service to further improve our customer experience. We also hope to use customer feedback to tailor the food offerings to the expectations of each market. With a wide geographic footprint, we expect it will vary significantly," said Billy Colemire, Stinker Stores director of marketing.

FeedbackNow devices collect input and correlate the data in one platform for instant and actionable ways to improve customer experience in real time, according to the customer experience company.

Through the pilot program, Stinker Stores will be able to test and explore different ways to respond and improve customer experiences and compare results across stores.  

Stinker Store Initiatives

The pilot program is just the latest initiative around the customer experience the retail chain has rolled out this year. In February, Stinker Stores enhanced the fuel offer by joining Upside's digital platform. The personalized promotions generated by Upside take customers' different considerations when buying fuel into account — offering cash back to price-conscious shoppers without cannibalizing profit, in turn convincing customers that locations on its platform are worth a detour. 

Additionally, the retailer selected AccuStore to implement a retail intelligence platform with a package that includes a survey of all stores in January and February in advance of the software launch. The goal was to provide Stinker Stores with detailed store profile data to drive strong executions.

FeedbackNow was founded in Switzerland in 2011. Acquired by Forrester Research in 2018, FeedbackNow helps clients become customer obsessed with real-time responses to customer-impacting operations. With collection devices in places like convenience stores, airports and hospitals, FeedbackNow's clients are seeing improved business results through effective real-time feedback operations.

Founded in 1936, Boise-based Stinker Stores has 110 locations throughout Colorado, Idaho and Wyoming.

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