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Wawa Superfan Completes Collection of 1,000 Order Slips

New Jersey resident Tyler Gyurisin collected every slip number from 000 to 999.
Angela Hanson

WAWA, Pa. — Wawa Inc. is known for having plenty of fans, but three years ago Barnegat, N.J., resident Tyler Gyurisin came up with a unique way of demonstrating his appreciation for the convenience store brand: collecting every Wawa order slip number from 000 to 999.

Earlier this year, with the assistance of friends, Gyurisin completed his quest and shared the results on social media, where he quickly went viral, reported The Philadelphia Inquirer

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"It was definitely very exciting, but then it was also like, OK what do I do with my life now?" he told the news outlet.

Gyurisin shared that he is a lifelong Wawa customer and typically visits the Wawa store near his Jersey Shore home three to four times a day, with purchases including a morning coffee, lunch, a midday snack and occasionally dinner.

"Everything there is pretty reliable, you always know what to expect, the employees are very friendly, and it's just a very welcoming environment," he said. "There's a level of quality there that you don't get with a lot of other gas station chains, especially when you get out to the Midwest."

Gyurisin first began collecting order slips randomly, but over time he began asking friends for numbers he wasn't able to find himself — and looked other places as well.

"I've never taken one off the ground, but I may have taken some from a basket," he said.

He is still working on his goal of taking a picture of himself in front of every store, which has only grown in difficulty as the retailer expands its network. To date, Gyurisin has more than 100 pictures at Wawa stores in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.

After his completed quest caught online attention, Wawa reached out to Gyurisin and offered him a basket of swag, he said. He also received what could be interpreted as a job offer from Chris Gheysens, president and CEO of Wawa.

"I think this means you get my job," Gheysens replied to Gyurisin on X.

Pennsylvania-based Wawa operates more than 1,050 c-stores throughout the Northeast and Florida.

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