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Wisconsin Legislator Proposes Bill to Ban Concealed Guns from Gas Stations

MILWAUKEE, Wisc. -- Residents of Wisconsin who have the proper permit are now able to carry concealed weapons, but a proposed bill would make gas stations off-limits to them, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Rep. Josh Zepnick (D.-Milwaukee) has sponsored Bill 406, which would ban concealed guns from gas stations and upgrade any act of theft or criminal damage at a gas station to felony status.

"This is a serious pattern of crime that has escalated, presumably due to tough economic times and the 'ease' of getting in/out of a gas station for criminal activity," said Zepnick. He noted that he is aware passage of the bill is a long shot in the Republican-controlled state Legislature.

Rep. Christine Sinicki (D.-Milwaukee) is listed as a co-sponsor of the bill, but she stated that her inclusion was an error, according to the paper. Rep. Zepnick stated that he also received some input from the Wisconsin Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association but that the group did not initiate the bill.

Nik Clark, chairman of the pro-open and -concealed carry group Wisconsin Carry Inc. predicted that the bill has no chance of passing.


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