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AC Battery-Powered Retail Beacons

Model conveniently plugs into an electrical outlet, extending its lifecycle.

Blue Calypso Inc.’s AC battery-powered retail beacons automatically communicate with a store visitor’s mobile device to deliver retailer-branded product information, price comparisons, store circulars, incentives and more. The AC-powered model conveniently plugs into an electrical outlet, extending its lifecycle while making the administration and maintenance process easier for retailers, according to the maker. The beacons can also be powered by a rechargeable battery if AC power is not available in desired beacon locations, and they can be easily integrated into third party-developed mobile apps. Blue Calypso’s beacon technology works in tandem with its KIOSentrix universal mobile shopping app that captures real-time, in-depth customer analytics such as location intelligence, reporting and insights on a shopper’s purchasing journey, content interaction, attribution and conversion.

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