BayGlow Wash Bay Illumination System

Multi-color light bars can display numerous color combinations to match a car wash's brand image.
PDQ BayGlow Wash Bay Illumination System

PDQ Manufacturing's BayGlow Wash Bay Illumination System is designed to be an eye-catching addition to any vehicle wash, as well as a possible replacement for traditional bay lighting, with the ultimate goal of increasing the entertainment value of the wash experience, along with wash revenue. The key design feature of BayGlow is its multi-color light bars that can display numerous color combinations, flashing patterns or constant illumination that matches a wash's brand image. The lights also can be used to illuminate the wash bay even when it is not actively washing vehicles. Available in eight-foot sections, the light bars utilize an integrated mounting system that enables them to be installed in multiple configurations on the walls, ceiling or rails. The BayGlow Wash Bay Illumination System can integrate seamlessly into PDQ's existing LaserWash 360 Plus In-Bay Automatic and Tandem Surfline Soft-Touch In-Bay Automatic vehicle-wash systems.