C-store Retailers Get In on the April Fool's Day Joke

Cows, dragons and questionable hot dog-flavored offerings dominated the channel's social media posts.
Pilot Diesel Fuel Perfume April Fools Day 2024

NATIONAL REPORT — Convenience stores throughout the U.S. have been fooling around on their Facebook pages, giving customers a wink, a nod and some well-intentioned silliness on April 1.

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Brands that have participated in the April Fool’s fun include:

7-Eleven Inc.: The chain used its new partnership with Miracle Seltzer to taste test a hot dog-flavored sparkling water among its staff. The response, according to the Facebook reel the company posted, appeared mixed.

Cumberland Farms: The retailer debated the merits of going back to its roots as a traditional farmstand, complete with open fields and cows.

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Family Express Corp.: Speaking of traditional, while Cumberland may have been thinking turn-of–the-century for its new design, so was Family Express. Turn-of-the-13th-century, that is, complete with castle turrets and a guardian dragon to deter shoplifters.

Kwik Trip Inc.: Greg Marcus, president and CEO of Marcus Corp. and its subsidiary, Marcus Theaters, invited potential Kwik Trip customers to not only enjoy short ads on GSTV screens but also a full uncut screening of “Titanic” (popcorn optional).

Parker's Kitchen: Targeting its more glamorous customers, Parker’s created an entire ad for its gas-scented perfume. Enticements for the high-end, high-octane scent included, “Be the reason someone calls 911.”  

Pilot Flaying J: Like Parker's, the brand announced its first signature fragrance with the launch of Diesel Fuel, an eau de parfum. For those who are drawn to the distinct scent of fuel, this diesel forward fragrance was designed for those setting out on the open road with a tank full of fuel and a world full of possibilities. 

RaceTrac Inc.: Like 7-Eleven, RaceTrac also settled on a hot dog theme for its prank, offering a new hot dog sundae Swirl World, complete with mustard and ketchup drizzles and a sprinkling of mini M&Ms.

Previous April Fool's Day pranks from the c-store channel have included offerings of barn-themed "hay-cations," the launch of digital currency Cow Coin (no doubt doing well in a bullish market), and, as usual, hot dog-flavored snacks and drinks that should probably not be associated with any type of sausages.

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