Discover Your f’real Campaign

Rich's Foodservice launches a new initiative to highlight its f’real turnkey self-serve program.
f'real summer 2023 campaign banner

Rich's Foodservice unveils a new marketing campaign — "Discover Your f’real" — in support of its f’real turnkey self-serve program that enables convenience stores to offer milkshakes and smoothies without added labor. Consumers select a flavor from the freezer, peel off the top and place the cup in the B6 blender, where they choose their favorite thickness. C-stores can offer up to seven core milkshake flavors that are made with real milk, as well as three smoothies made with real fruit and less sugar, in addition to limited-edition flavors released each year. More than 24,000 locations worldwide currently offer f’real milkshakes and smoothies to customers.

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