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Getting Practical With Artificial Intelligence

Beyond marketing, AI can help retailers with store operations.
Melissa Kress
Executive Editor
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AI Artificial Intelligence

We have been hearing about more convenience store retailers tapping into the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to help move their businesses forward. While at first glance it may seem a bit fantastical to some, these retailers are on to something.

According to Paytronix Systems Inc., AI can help convenience store retailers learn more about their customers' behavior and value; segment customers in more exacting ways; make more compelling, personalized offers; maximize channel efficiency; and find ideal customers in the marketplace using AI-constructed profiles.

AI can also help a retailer calculate the customer lifetime value of its shoppers, Ryan DiLello, a content specialist for Paytronix, said during a recent Convenience Store News webinar. 

But why stop there? Beyond marketing, robotic servers, kiosks with facial recognition and food waste reduction management are among the ways AI can benefit c-store operators down the road, he noted.

Think bigger. Think outside the box. Think more fantastical.

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