Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream Bar New Flavors

Dulce de Leche and Chocolate Cookie Crumble join the line's expanding options.
Haagen-Dazs Dulce de Leche and Chocolate Cookies Crumble Ice Cream Bars
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Häagen-Dazs unveils the newest options in its ice cream bar line, Dulce de Leche and Chocolate Cookie Crumble. The Dulce de Leche bars feature ice cream mixed with swirls of dulce de leche sauce coated in milk chocolate, while the Chocolate Cookie Crumble bars include sweet cream ice cream with a touch of Madagascar vanilla and fudge swirls, dipped in milk chocolate and covered with chocolate cookie pieces. The new bars celebrate the brand's history and fan-favorite flavor profiles, the company noted. Both offerings are now available at select locations in six-count minis for $6.99 and three-count full-sized for $5.99. National distribution is expected in April 2024.

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