Hilco Popping Candy

The Kool-Aid and Warheads treats are available in three-pack peg bags and single packs.
Hilco, Kool-Aid & Warheads Collab

Hilco is expanding its line of popping candies with two iconic brands: Kool-Aid and Warheads. Hilco joined with Kraft Heinz and Warheads to create everyday three-pack peg bags and single packs of popping candy. Each peg bag in the Kool-Aid brand and Warheads Three-Pack Popping Candy contains three 0.24-ounce pouches in top brand flavors. Kool-Aid flavors include Tropical Punch, Grape and Cherry; Warheads sour flavors are Green Apple, Blue Raspberry and Watermelon. Three-packs carry a suggested retail price of $1.99 and ship in a 48-count master case. Single packs contain 0.33 ounces and are available in the same flavors. They carry a suggested retail price of 99 cents and ship in an 80-count master case.

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