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Host a BTM™ at your store and make up to $1000 a month!

Bitcoin Depot is a cryptocurrency ATM network now partnered with one of the largest convenience store retailers, Couche-Tard. They are the fastest growing multi-cryptocurrency ATM network in the world. Bitcoin Depot provides users with instant access to Bitcoin and other related assets at 800+ locations across the US. Their mission is to provide secure, convenient, and expedient entry into the cryptocurrency marketplace, while faithfully serving the needs of every individual customer.

When hosting a Bitcoin Depot BTM™ you can expect:

  • Free Bitcoin ATM

  • Up to $1,000 a month

  • No setup or maintenance

  • 25% increase in cash volume

  • Boost in foot traffic

  • We pay you monthly rent

  • Zero cost, zero risk

  • USA owned and operated

Interested in getting started? Please reach out via the contact information below: 
Franco Devivo
[email protected]