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IM Corona Brand Lighters

These pipe and cigar lighters are refillable with butane.
IM Corona Brand Lighters

Arango Cigar Co. is now the exclusive U.S. importer/distributor for the complete line of IM Corona Brand pipe and cigar lighters. Japanese manufacturer Fukashiro Corp. owns the brand, best known for the “Old Boy” pipe lighter. IM Corona lighters are also available in several other styles, including those in the “Laurel” and “Pipe Master” series. These dress lighters have “pipe” (soft) flames and are designed ergonomically to easily direct the flame where it belongs, avoiding burnt fingers, according to the company. The “Double Corona” style incorporates two gas ports for a soft but “fatter” flame, efficiently lighting large-ring cigars. The “Flambeau” style uses an electronic (piezo) ignition system and a blue pinpoint micro-blowtorch that is hot enough to light larger ring cigars, and precise enough to straighten up uneven burns. All IM Corona Brand lighters are refillable with butane, and all but the Flambeau style are flint/thumbwheel models. The suggested retail prices run from $114 to $265. 

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