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Kool-Aid & Warheads Rock Candy Sticks

The new products are a collaboration between Hilco, Kraft Heinz and Impact Confections.
Kool-Aid and Warheads Rock Candy Sticks
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Hilco Sweets partnered with Kraft Heinz Co. and Impact Confections to create two new products based on iconic brands: Kool-Aid and Warheads Rock Candy Sticks. The Kool-Aid sticks are based on the brand's traditional Tropical Punch flavor, while watermelon is the base for the Warheads sticks. Each pouch contains a two-pack of individually wrapped rock candy sticks. The products ship in four 12-count displays per case. Kool-Aid and Warheads Rock Candy Sticks come with a suggested retail price of between $1.99 and $2.49.

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