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Lindt Lindor Oatmilk Chocolate Truffles

The company is introducing a plant-based version of its popular truffles.
Lindt Plant-Based Lindor Truffles
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Lindt introduces a plant-based version of its popular truffles, Lindor Non-Dairy OatMilk Truffles and Lindor Dark Chocolate OatMilk Truffles. The products aim to provide an indulgence for those who do not consume dairy products but still crave a premium chocolate experience. The truffles include an outer shell made with high-quality oat milk chocolate, which surrounds classic Lindor flavors on the inside. Each plant-based, non-dairy chocolate truffle is made with premium ingredients, including the finest cocoa and gluten-free oats, according to the company. Lindt launched its plant-based collection in 2022 with Classic Recipe Non-Dairy OatMilk Bars. 

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