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Magellan™ 1100i On-Counter Presentation Scanner

The Magellan™ 1100i scanner provides the patented Green Spot good read indicator, Illumix™ intelligent Illumination technology for reading codes from backlit displays, and targeted scanning. Differentiate your POS with the Magellan 1100i scanner.

Stand out from the crowd – The NEW Magellan™ 1100i presentation scanner from Datalogic Scanning builds and extends on the excellent performance, quality, and reliability of the world’s #1 fixed scanner brand – Magellan and more specifically the Magellan 1000i scanner (the first omnidirectional imaging based presentation scanner in world). The Magellan 1100i scanner has been updated to include enhanced 2D decoding, Illumix™ intelligent illumination technology for scanning bar codes from mobile phones (critical for emerging mobile commerce and ticketing applications), and a powerful parsing engine to customize driver’s license (and other bar code) data output to match new or existing POS applications. The Magellan 1100i also features true 360° targeted scanning of close proximity on 1D or 2D bar codes. The Magellan 1100i scanner maintains a solid-state design with no moving parts for excellent reliability in a proven, small enclosure to maximize valuable counter selling space. As the perfect solution for medium volume scanning environments like convenience stores, take your POS productivity to a whole new level with the new Magellan 1100i.

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