Natural Delights Mini Medjools & Snack Boxes

The products are made with fresh and wholesome Medjool dates.
Natural Delights

Natural Delights debuted a range of new convenient treats made with Medjool dates at the 2021 NACS Show. They include Mini Medjools, available in six varieties and made with ingredients such as nut butters, seeds, nuts and fruit; and Snack Boxes, featuring a three-count pack of Natural Delights Pitted Medjool Dates and a six-count pack of Mini Medjools. Medjool dates continue to grow in popularity as they are an ideal snack on their own and as a main ingredient in snack foods, according to the company. Their natural sweetness and ability to act as a binding agent, paired with high nutrient density, are a competitive advantage to artificial sweeteners. 

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