Nicotine-Free Djarum Clove Smokes

After a trial run in 2023, Kretek International slates a nationwide rollout for 2024.
Kretek International Nicotine-Free Djarum Clove Smokes
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Kretek International Inc. is rolling out nicotine-free Djarum Bliss clove smokes, including two new flavor styles, across the United States and Canada in 2024. New Djarum Bliss Special and Djarum Bliss Java bring the brand's nicotine-free, zero-tobacco lineup to six distinct flavor styles. Djarum Bliss Special offers traditional clove-smoking smoothness, built off the brand's Djarum Special clove-filtered cigars. Djarum Bliss Java is a new offering that blends notes of coffee and clove aromas. All six new filtered styles are available in packs of 20 or 10-pack cartons designed for inline shelf placement. Kretek International introduced the nicotine-free lineup in California trial markets in early 2023, followed by Canada and select Midwest markets at midyear. 

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