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OmniSensr Sensing Technology

Integrated hardware combines video, Wi-Fi and beacon technologies.

OmniSensr, a new sensing platform from VideoMining Corp., is optimized specifically for anonymous shopper tracking and was developed with retail environments in mind. The integrated hardware package combines video, Wi-Fi and beacon technologies to generate deep behavior analytics from storewide tracking to detailed shelf-level interactions with demographic segmentation. All processing is carried out on-board in real time, eliminating the need for large, elaborate hardware in stores. The resulting cost-effective solution can be deployed in a scalable way in stores of any format, according to the company. Employing an Internet-of-Things (IoT) architecture, the sensor's outputs can be seamlessly integrated in a cloud environment with transaction data and other data sources, including store map, product layout, promotions and more. Key advantages include: the ability to provide repeat visitor analytics; more robust storewide tracking (compared to any single-technology based approach); trip-type analysis; and brand-level behavior analysis. The technology also enables mobile location-based marketing solutions.

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