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Retale Clip To Card

Users can “clip” and apply coupons directly to retailers’ loyalty cards.

Retale, a technology company that develops mobile-first shopping experiences, introduces its Clip To Card feature. Clip To Card, powered by Retale’s new partnership with Cellfire, makes hundreds of CPG coupons from leading brands available to consumers through the Retale app. Retale is also launching a mobile loyalty card wallet that allows users to upload, sync and save their retailer loyalty cards directly within the Retale app. Now, when Retale users search for relevant CPG coupons, they can “clip” and apply them directly to retailers’ loyalty cards. This makes it easier for them to redeem the coupons in-store without ever leaving the app, the company explained. Once in-store, customers can either scan their physical loyalty card or input their phone number to receive any coupons they have "clipped."

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