Rich's Cheesy Pull Apart Flatbread

The menu item is available as either an in-store meal or a take-home option.
Rich Products Cheesy Pull Apart Flatbread

Rich Products' new Cheesy Pull Apart Flatbread comes in two different styles: Original Flatbread, which is topped with six different cheeses and Italian herbs; and individually wrapped, retail-ready Specialty Flatbread for customers seeking a take-and-bake option. The bake-onsite option is 4.5 inches by 9 inches, weighs 9.675 ounces and comes 24 per case with a shelf life of 270 days frozen and five days refrigerated. The retail-ready option is similar in specifications, but wrapped and ready for consumers to bake at home. Additionally, Rich's offers a Pull Apart Flatbread for convenience stores to add their own toppings, which comes 32 per case with a shelf life of 365 days frozen and seven days refrigerated.

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