Sabert Pulp Hinged Containers & Cups

The compostable food containers are suitable for a variety of takeaway or delivery foodservice items.
Sabert Pulp Hinged Containers and Cups
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Food packaging manufacturer Sabert Corp. launches its newest sustainable and compostable product offerings: Pulp Hinged Containers and Pulp Portion Cups. Both are primarily made with PFAS-free pulp and are commercially compostable. Suitable for a variety of food options, the hinged containers feature an easy opening and closing hinged design; strong locks to prevent leaks and spills during delivery; perforated tear-away lids; durability for transport; and resistance to moisture, oil and grease. The cups, with both clear PET and pulp lid options, come in three sizes to serve an assortment of dips and sauces. 

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