SymphonyAI Copilot Systems

The Category Manager Copilot and Demand Planner Copilot systems summarize relevant information and generate insights.
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SymphonyAI introduces a suite of software copilots for retailers and consumer packaged goods manufacturers: the Category Manager Copilot and the Demand Planner Copilot. Both systems use SymphonyAI's Retail LLM to support queries, summarize relevant information, and generate insights into supply chain data and promotion results. Both systems can understand the context of users' questions or ask for clarity when needed. The Category Manager Copilot can also identify performance-affecting factors to generate the best recommendations, and remove manual tasks such as report and dashboard creation by automatically generating visuals and narratives. The Demand Planner Copilot can drill into data to drive more informed decisions and provide details behind analysis for full transparency to users.

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