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Thankful for All Things Technology

Setting aside its reluctance to embrace new technologies puts the c-store channel in the position to own convenience.
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As a consumer, I am thankful for the changes technology has brought to my life. I am thankful that self-checkout has made my weekly grocery trip quicker. I am even more thankful that my supermarket has handheld scanners, so I can scan as I shop, saving me even more time.

I am thankful that loyalty programs tied to mobile apps have lightened my keychain, making it easier to fit into my purse.

I am also thankful for the new tech addition to my home, Echo Show. Yes, I have resisted having Alexa in my house. Robot uprising? No, thank you. But though she scared me when she started talking from three rooms away, I am thankful for the ability to build my shopping list while I am cooking, when missing items are top of mind.

And as a consumer and an editor, I am even more thankful that the convenience store industry is shedding its hesitancy toward technology and embracing innovations that have made my life easier. The channel is the very definition of convenience, and no matter how many competitors try to redefine convenience, it is the channel's responsibility to own it.

Nov. 15 marked my 12th anniversary with Convenience Store News and it has certainly been an interesting ride. So, thanks to all of you who have made my life easier — not just as a consumer, but also as a member of the industry. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving! 

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