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Twang-a-Rita Makeover

New flavor names include Unwind Lime and Paloma Love.

Twang Partners is reinventing its Twang-a-Rita brand of rimming salt for its 30th anniversary. The formula, packaging and identity of Twang-a-Rita are all being revamped and refocused. New flavor names include Golden Roar (orange, lime), Unwind Lime (lime), Nectarberry (strawberry, lime), Citrusplash (lemon, lime), Paloma Love (grapefruit, lime), and Sunrise Spice (chili peppers, cayenne, lime). New formulas for all were developed with natural flavors and colors, using kosher salt, cane sugar, lime juice powders, fresh ground chilies, and other natural ingredients, according to the company. All Twang-a-Rita varieties are now available in gusseted, reusable bags featuring colorful, custom designs. 

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